Top 8 Causes Of Cell Phone Damage

Top 8 Causes Of Cell Phone Damage

For most people, their cell phone has become an extension of their body. The Pew Research Center found that 95% of Americans own a cell phone, 77% of whom own smartphones. In addition, smartphone users spend roughly three hours a day using apps, surfing the web, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Despite their widespread use, many people have no idea how to maintain their mobile devices properly.

Instead of ruining another electronic gadget, take some time to learn how you are harming the health of your phone without realizing it. After correcting this behavior, you’ll never need a mobile repair shop again. You may be able to put off purchasing another digital appendage for years to come if you follow these tips from the top cell phone repair store in Fresno:

1. Not cleaning it frequently enough.

Think again if you think that wiping your phone down with a paper towel and a little water would get it clean. In addition to the possibility of water damage, if your cleaning products get into your speaker or headphone jack, many traditional cleaning techniques leave your phone full of bacteria.

2. Keeping it plugged in when it’s fully charged

Generally, it’s a good idea to leave your phone plugged in once it has reached 100% capacity, but this is a bad idea. Some lithium-ion batteries can heat an additional 9o Fahrenheit when they achieve 100% charge, potentially damaging their ability to hold a charge.

3. Closing all your apps at once

In the short term, it may seem as if running a lot of apps at once drains your battery, but this may not be the case. It’s better to leave your apps running in parallel rather than dismissing and restarting them all simultaneously because doing so uses more battery power.

4. Not installing software updates

You won’t have anything to work with if you don’t update your phone. It’s common for consumers to overlook software upgrades for months, which can harm their devices. A lack of regular software updates means your programs aren’t operating at their full potential.

5. Using your phone in the rain

Many people don’t realize how much harm they may cause to their phones when they use them in the rain, even if they know better than to submerge them. Those who think using their phone in a rainstorm is like submerging it in water continue to do so even after the rain has stopped. Wrong move. When you made that call without an umbrella, the moisture inside your phone could have been enough to kill it.

6. Letting your battery fully deplete

Leaving your phone’s battery to drain before charging it again is said to be the greatest way to extend its life. The only issue is… Attempting to do so could harm your phone.

You should always keep your phone’s battery between 40% and 80% for the best long-term benefits. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to take your phone for repair services or replace it with the cell phone repair store in Fresno in a year or two.

7. Using your phone in extreme temperatures

You can’t use your phone when hiking in the desert or walking through the snow. It is important to keep your phone in an optimal temperature range for Apple products, such as between 62 and 72 Fahrenheit. According to Samsung, a year’s worth of phone battery life can be lost by using your phone in high heat.

8. Using all of your storage space

Even if you don’t constantly check how much storage space you’re using on your phone, not doing so can drastically harm your device. Slower app loading times and grainier photographs show that your phone’s storage capacity is nearly filled.

Follow These Tips By Mobile Repair Shop To Protect your phone from various types of phone damage. As soon as you notice any of the abovementioned problems, you’ll want to bring your phone to a professional mobile repair shop such as Cell Pros, where they can fix it. In some cases, the problem can be solved right away. Other times, you may have to leave it for several days or even several weeks.