How to Fix iPhone 15 Battery Draining Issue

Is your iPhone 15’s battery draining fast? Is it turning off before you can finish your movie or online class? Say no more. We are here to give you tips on how to fix the iPhone 15 battery-draining issue, and we hope you’ll be free from worries by the time you reach the end.

To fix your iPhone 15’s battery drainage issue, you can:

  • Update and restart your phone
  • Use battery charge optimization
  • Enable low-power mode
  • Shut down unnecessary apps
  • Check battery usage of apps
  • Disconnect the location
  • Reduce the brightness
  • Deactivate features and 5G
  • Seek professional help

Let’s explore these in detail.

How to Fix iPhone 15 Battery Draining Issue?

There can be multiple reasons behind the draining of your iPhone 15’s battery. To solve these issues and address different types of iPhone damage, we’ve listed down some of the acts you can carry out to save your battery life.

Update and Restart your iPhone 15

The first thing we suggest you do when you notice that the battery of your iPhone 15 is draining faster than usual is to power off your phone, let it rest for a few minutes, and then restart your device.

Frequent and on-time updates can be helpful, too, so if there is still no improvement in the battery life of your iPhone, try updating it to the new iOS 17 software.

Use Battery Charge Optimizer

Use the charge optimizer already available on your iPhone 15. It will save your device from overcharging because it automatically turns off charging when your set is 80%.

Enable the Low Power Mode in your iPhone 15

Please turn on the low power mode on your iPhone 15 because it does the following things and prevents your battery from draining.

  •     Dims your overall display.
  •     It preserves and reduces the pressure on your battery.
  •     Shut off unnecessary apps.
  •     Remember that your low-power mode will stay put until your charge hits 80%.

Shut Down the Unnecessary Apps

All the apps unnecessarily turned on in the background can be one of the reasons why your battery is emptying quickly, so close them all to keep your iPhone 15 running for a long time.

Check the Battery Usage of Apps

Check how much battery an app uses to keep running and if an app is taking lots of battery and is not much of your use, then uninstall it. If the app is important for your daily use, download the latest version.

Disconnect the Location

If location is turned all the time on your iPhone 15, then turn it off because it can also be one of the reasons behind the speedy battery drainage.

Reduce the Brightness

If you have a habit of using your iPhone at high brightness, then activate the auto brightness option or reduce it because it can save you lots of charge.

Deactivate Features and 5G

IPhone 15’s 5G connectivity and features like Raise to Wake use lots of battery, so disable them until you have to use them.

Seek Professional help

If there is still no improvement in your iPhone 15 battery, take the help of experts from an authorized iPhone repair provider to solve your issue. They’ll fix your problem in no time and will provide you with some battery maintenance tips.


What is causing my iPhone 15 battery to drain?

There can be different reasons behind that, but you should check the performance of your apps to see which one is using more battery and close that app.

How can I reduce the battery drainage of my iPhone 15?

Decrease the brightness and use wifi over data to avoid draining your iPhone’s battery.


Battery draining can waste your time a lot because you can only do a little if your iPhone 15 shuts down now and then. Try out the processes mentioned above or opt for professional help at Cell Pros. Our guidance will be enough for you to get rid of the problem and allow you to carry out your tasks on your device again. We wish your iPhone battery a quick recovery.