Guide To Cleaning Your Mobile Phone By Experts

mobile phone cleaning

Your cell phone is a perfect petri dish for all kinds of germs and bacteria, many of which might put your health in grave danger. This renders routine hand cleaning with soap and water and wearing a face mask completely useless.

The latest coronavirus strain, COVID-19, has been wreaking havoc around the globe.

Research indicates the virus can survive for three days on stainless steel and plastic and one day on cardboard. Needless to add, hygiene precautions to prevent contracting the COVID-19 virus have been suggested by the World Health Organization.

You should avoid touching potentially contaminated surfaces and wash your hands properly after that (a twenty-second wash seems to be the benchmark).

You can be unknowingly carrying germs around in one of your personal belongings. It’s your phone, of course, the one you spend an average of nearly three hours a day staring at.

Here are six tried-and-true methods for keeping your phone in pristine condition, as recommended by the pros at cell phone repair shops.

Mobile Repair Shop Recommended Steps On Cleaning Your Cell Phone

By following these steps you can speed up your Phone’s performance.

Remove the Case

If you want to maintain your valuables scratch- and dent-free, investing in a sturdy case or cover is a must.

However, this can also raise the potential for microbial growth on your mobile device. This is why you must take the phone out of its case or cover it before cleaning it.

This exposes every part of your mobile device that needs to be cleaned carefully to prevent the spread of germs.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When you want to ensure your phone is spotless, you might be tempted to put common household cleaners on it.

Experts advise against doing this because it can shorten the life of your mobile device. Chemicals such as window cleaner, metal polisher, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar should never come into touch with your cell phone.

The coating of your touchscreen, which is essential for the device to respond to touch, and the paint on your phone could also be damaged.

Switch Off Your Phone

Ensure your phone is turned off before attempting any of the cleaning methods suggested below. Using watered-down rubbing alcohol makes this point especially clear. To begin, please silence your mobile device.

Your phone calls and chats will always be there, but your well-being must come first. Disconnect your phone from power and turn it off if you’re charging it.

Use Diluted Alcohol

It’s not enough to just clean the gunk from your phone. Furthermore, it’s important to disinfect your electronics to avoid spreading infections. Rubbing alcohol will be helpful in this situation.

However, it is not a good plan to soak your phone in pure rubbing alcohol. Pour 70% rubbing alcohol and water into a little spray bottle and shake well. Give it a quick shake, spray a little on the corner of a microfiber towel, then wipe your phone clean.

You can also get a cleaning solution from a nearby mobile phone repair service store in Fresno.

To clean up any lingering residue, switch to the dry side of the microfiber cloth and use it immediately after.

Getting Into The Crevices

Cleaning is simple for phones that have a headphone jack. An interdental brush is preferable, although a folded-over pipe cleaner would do in a pinch. When you wore braces, you utilized these to clean the tight spots. Choose one that fits snugly into the jack for your headphones, insert it, and then rotate it up and down many times.

If that doesn’t work, try soaking it in rubbing alcohol (above 70% strength is preferable) and shaking out the excess before inserting it. Hold the phone with the headphone jack facing down to prevent the cleaner from inserting its squeegee into the phone and damaging the sensor.

Clean the Case, Too

In the same way, you would use rubbing alcohol and water to clean the rest of your phone; you should use the same solution to wipe down the exterior casing of your mobile device.

Soap and warm water should be fine if made entirely of plastic. Every nook and cranny may be cleaned with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol or water.

Before re-inserting your phone, double-check that the case or covering is completely dry.

Keep It Germ-Free

The importance of maintaining a clean and germ-free cell phone cannot be overstated. This helps prevent the buildup of grime and, more crucially, the spread of infectious bacteria and viruses.

It’s important to avoid spreading germs by holding a dirty phone. Keeping it away from your face is a good rule for any phone call. If you care about the cleanliness of your mobile device, you should keep it in a pouch whenever it is not in use.

How To Clean Your Phone: Final Take

Cleaning a cell phone, as you can see, is a simple task. The germs that thrive on its surface can be eliminated by following the measures mentioned above, preventing them from entering the body and wreaking havoc on your health.

Changing your mobile device handling habits might help keep your phone clean and reduce the frequency you must perform the above maintenance tasks.

Once the germs have moved to other areas, you may need to hire a professional mobile repair shop like Cell Pros to schedule a sanitizing cleaning of your mobile device, tablet, headphones, or AirPods.