How do you know if the iPhone battery is original?

How do you know if the iPhone battery is original

With the increasing prevalence of fake products in the market, it has become critical for iPhone users to ensure that the components they buy, including batteries, are original. But how to know if the iPhone battery is original? Don’t fret; CellPros has got you covered. Start the inspection by first checking Apple’s Serial Number Validation. 

Then, consult an authorized Apple service provider or reputable cell phone repair shop. You can also inspect the packaging and labels, compare the physical attributes, and assess the battery’s performance and longevity. If your need to replace the battery, then take Apple’s official services and beware of uncertified third-party repairers. Whether you’re replacing an old battery or just curious about the one in your current iPhone, following these steps will equip you with the know-how you want. 

Let’s dive in and learn the mystery of the originality of your iPhone battery.

Ways To Confirm The Originality of Your iPhone Battery

Here’s how to know if the iPhone battery is original.

Check Apple’s Serial Number Validation

One of the most reliable methods to confirm the originality of your iPhone battery is to use Apple’s Serial Number Validation tool. Go to Apple’s official website and find the; “Check Coverage” page. Enter your iPhone’s serial number, which you can locate in the Settings app under “General” and “About.” Apple’s system will promptly verify whether your battery is indeed an original product. 

Consult an Authorized Apple Service Provider

When in doubt, seek help from the professionals. Visit an authorized repair services provider or an Apple Store and let them examine your iPhone battery. These professionals possess the important tools and expertise to determine the authenticity of the battery accurately and offer you the information you need for your peace of mind.

Inspect the Packaging and Labels

If you’re wondering how to know if the iPhone battery is original, you can go for this little insight. Genuine Apple batteries typically come in precise packaging with clear labeling. When assessing your iPhone battery, pay close attention to the packaging and labels. Look for any irregularities, which include misspelled words or variations in the design from the standard Apple packaging. These inconsistencies could be a revealing sign that the battery isn’t genuine.

Compare the Physical Attributes

A keen observation of the physical attributes can often reveal the authenticity of your iPhone battery. Compare the size, shape, and markings of your battery with those of a known original iPhone battery. Any notable differences or discrepancies can indicate that the battery isn’t authentic.

Assess Performance and Longevity

The overall performance and longevity of your iPhone battery can also provide valuable clues. Genuine iPhone batteries are designed to meet particular performance standards set by Apple. If you notice many deviations in battery life or if you notice your iPhone battery is draining, it can also be an indication that the battery isn’t an authentic Apple product. So, even if you don’t know how to know if the iPhone battery is original, this is a dead giveaway.

Use Apple’s Official Service

If you want to replace your iPhone battery, you should utilize Apple’s official battery replacement services or visit a licensed service provider. Opting for this guarantees that you get hold of a genuine Apple battery and that the replacement procedure is executed efficaciously, maintaining the quality and integrity of your device.

Beware of Unofficial Repair Services

Exercise caution while thinking about third-party iPhone repair services that offer cheaper battery replacements. While some might also use authentic parts, many others may additionally utilize fake or low-quality batteries, which can compromise the performance and safety of your iPhone. Always prioritize using authorized sources for any repair or replacements to ensure the longevity and optimal functionality of your device. 

These steps will help you figure out how to know if the iPhone battery is original.


So there you have it! A detailed blog on how to know if the iPhone battery is original. In the end, making sure the originality of your iPhone battery is important and regular maintenance makes your iPhone’s battery last and enhance  the overall performance and safety of your device. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can confidently authenticate your iPhone battery and make informed choices about replacements or repairs. Remember to leverage Apple’s official resources and authorized service providers to guarantee the integrity and longevity of your iPhone. With these suggestions in mind, you can guard your device from potential risks related to fake products and enjoy a matchless experience with your iPhone.

We hope that this blog has cleared all your queries about how to know if the iPhone battery is original. For more information about our repair services, feel free to contact us or visit our website now.