Tips By A Mobile Repair Shop About How To Fix A Frozen Phone

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Because our cellphones have evolved into multi-purpose tools for work and play, a malfunction can be a real pain. Don’t panic if your smartphone suddenly stops responding or freezes. This guideline by mobile repair shop experts discusses simple methods for unfreezing a phone. If your device isn’t working properly, try each solution in turn.

One of life’s most inconvenient experiences is discovering your phone is locked in the middle of a workday or a social outing. The fact that phones aren’t cheap these days exacerbates the problem, as we’d expect the high price to ensure dependability. Even the best smartphones can occasionally freeze, so Cell Phone Repair Shop professionals put together this comprehensive guide to unfreezing your device.

Tips by a mobile repair shop about how to fix a frozen phone:

Try restarting your device manually.

According to Electronics Repair, Fresno, The first thing you should do if your phone screen freezes and stops responding is to restart it. Most smartphone freezes can be attributed to an excess of background processes. And, occasionally, your phone may simply not be up to the task at hand, causing the display to act sluggishly. Still, a device reset could help in this case. You should notice that your phone is more responsive after restarting it.

Safe mode.

If rebooting the device does not resolve the issue, you can use safe mode to investigate and repair software issues. Regardless of your screen’s sensitivity, you can easily enter it. It’s important to remember that manufacturers’ instructions may use slightly different language. Certain manufacturers use the term “recovery mode” to describe safe mode.

If your screen is still responsive, you can force a reboot into safe mode by pressing and holding the power button until the power options menu appears, then tapping and holding “Power Off” until “Reboot to safe mode” appears. If you select it, your device will restart in safe mode. Try restarting your device if your screen stops responding. Holding the power button and either volume button (if one doesn’t work, try the other) will put your phone into safe mode.

While safe mode may improve your phone’s performance, you probably won’t want to use it daily. Simply restart the device normally to exit safe mode. If that doesn’t work, you should be able to disable safe mode via notifications.

Free some storage.

Insufficient memory is a common cause of phone damage and freezing. Space on your smartphone is required to store system and app files temporarily.

Your device’s optimal operating range is 500 MB to 1 GB of free storage space. You probably feel the consequences today if you ignore your phone’s warning about insufficient storage space. If your phone has frozen, freeing up some distance is the key to reactivating it.

You should upgrade your operating system.

Similarly, use the most recent version of your operating system. Operating system updates do more than just add new features; they make your device more secure, faster, and less prone to crashing.

When new applications are run on older versions, they may not function properly. On the other hand, a new update may include fixes for the issues causing your phone to freeze.
According to cell phone repair store Fresno, You should also ensure that all your programs are up to date. If you’re using an app that has bugs or is malfunctioning, your smartphone may freeze.

Disable any unnecessary application.

If updating your smartphone does not help, you must check open apps running in the background.

More specifically, if a low-end phone has a lot of applications and processes running in the background, it may freeze. Closing such applications, on the other hand, will unfreeze your device.

It might need a fix if it doesn’t return to normal. Check out our excellent services that might help you revive your phone back to normal.

Restoring factory settings.

If Safe Mode cannot unlock your phone, you need to either factory reset it or contact technical repair services for assistance.

Resetting your phone might be the only way to unstick it. You will, however, lose everything on your device, including documents, programs, games, media, and other data. Make a recent backup of your device before beginning this step.

One final option for unfreezing your frozen phone is to contact Cell Pro’s professional technicians to help you out. Since restarting your device did not resolve the issue, it might be a hardware issue or something else that requires expert assistance.

Consult the FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.

Why does my phone freeze?

An iPhone, Android, or another smartphone may freeze for various reasons. An idle CPU, bad memory, or a shortage of storage space might all be to blame.

Why is my phone’s screen unresponsive to touch?

A simple reboot may seem ineffective in dealing with such a complex problem. However, it is often one of the most effective techniques to repair an unresponsive touch screen on a computer.

How can I reset my phone without turning it on?

Hold down the volume and power/side keys for seven seconds. That’s all there is to it! Hold down the button and wait.