How To Remove Scratches From The Phone Back Cover

How To Remove Scratches From The Phone Back Cover

Hey there, smartphone lovers! We all know how much we cherish our trusty phones. They are our constant companions, capturing precious moments, keeping us connected, and assisting us throughout our daily lives. But oh, those annoying scratches on the back cover! Fear not, as we’ve got your back (pun intended). This article will focus on some tried and tested methods to get rid of back cover scratches and restore your phone’s cover to its former glory.

You can try a few effective methods to remove scratches from your phone’s back cover. First, assess the damage by inspecting the scratches and cleaning your mobile phone. Knowing how to clean your phone is important. Use white toothpaste and a soft cloth for light scratches, rubbing in circular motions to buff them away. For moderate scratches, create a paste using baking soda and water, then gently rub it on the affected area. Consider using a scratch removal kit specifically designed for your phone model, following the instructions carefully for deeper scratches. Remember, prevention is key, so invest in a protective phone case and screen protector to keep your phone looking flawless in the future.

Easy Ways to Restore Your Phone’s Cover!

Assess the Damage

Before diving into any scratch removal methods, take a moment to inspect your phone’s back cover. Find a well-lit area next to a window, and give it a good look. Note the depth and severity of the scratches. Some light scratches might be easier to tackle, while deeper ones might need more TLC.

Toothpaste Magic

You might be surprised to learn that your toothpaste can rescue you! But hold on, not just any toothpaste will do the trick. Go for the classic white toothpaste, not the fancy gel-based ones. Gel toothpaste may have harsh ingredients that could cause more harm than good.

To work the magic, grab a soft cloth or a cotton ball and apply a small amount of toothpaste. Gently rub the scratched area in circular motions for a few minutes. Be patient; Rome wasn’t built in a day! Wipe off the excess toothpaste and take a look at the results. Voilà! Repeat the process if needed, and you’ll see those scratches disappear.

Baking Soda Buddy

Let’s call in the baking soda brigade if your scratches are more stubborn. Mix baking soda with a few drops of water until you get a thick paste. Avoid making it too runny; we want it to be creamy.

Take a clean cloth and apply the baking soda paste to the scratched area. Now, gently rub in those circles again for about 3-5 minutes. Rinse off the paste with water and check out the results. Better, right? If you need more love, repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

The Scratch Removal Kit 

We’ve got the big guns for the tough nuts to crack – a scratch removal kit. This superhero comes to the rescue for those deep scratches that just won’t budge. Take your time buying the first kit you find. Do your research and choose one that’s a perfect match for your phone model.

Follow the instructions carefully, and we can’t stress that enough! Clean the back cover and let it dry before applying the scratch removal solution. Use a soft cloth to gently buff the scratched area, and keep your fingers crossed. Ta-da! The scratches should be on their way to oblivion.

Prevention is Better Than Cure 

You know the saying, right? Now that your phone’s back cover is as good as new let’s ensure it stays that way. Invest in a sturdy phone case that hugs your phone like a bear hug. Not only will it protect against scratches, but it’ll also shield your phone from accidental falls.

Oh, and remember, screen protectors. They’re like knights in shining armor for your phone’s back cover. Stick one on, and you’ll have an extra layer of protection against daily wear and tear.

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Caring for those scratches on your phone’s back cover isn’t rocket science. With some know-how and handy tricks, you can fix back glass cracking issues to restore your phone’s beauty, and keep it looking fresh for years to come. So, wave goodbye to those scratches and embrace your shiny, scratch-free phone!

Now, go forth, fellow smartphone fans, and proudly show off your good-as-new phone back covers! Happy scratch-busting!