Post-Mobile Phone Repair Tips To Make Sure The Phone Is Fixed Ideally

mobile phone repair

There is a possibility for a mobile repair shop to make mistakes when repairing a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Mistakes like these can lead to lawsuits against your mobile repair shop.

You’re likely inundated with broken electronics daily. You have a responsibility to handle each incoming gadget with the utmost care. Therefore, having stringent SOPs relating to pre- and post-repair checklists is a smart idea to avoid any unexpected incidents and disgruntled customers.

What Is A Pre And Post Repair Device Checklist?

When you thoroughly inspect a device before fixing it, you are performing a pre-repair device checklist. The process typically takes 3-5 minutes and requires the customer’s presence. In this way, the technician can determine whether or not everything is fine, so reducing potential future legal trouble.

In contrast, a post-repair device checklist involves evaluating the equipment after the necessary repairs have been made. Here, the technician/salesperson draws a detailed contrast between the initial state and the final result. This means the product is in a condition where it can be handed off to the consumer without any further preparation.

Cell Pros Fresno’s checklist feature can be used before and after fixing a device to keep track of everything. Whenever a ticket is created in the cell phone repair store software via the cash register, the option is for the taking.

Make a pre-and post-repair checklist mandatory in your repair ticket system for the best possible outcome. Ensure that your staff doesn’t overlook any potential sources of poor customer service.

Why Is It Important For Your Mobile Repair Shop?

You may thank the pre-repair device checklist for its importance in providing satisfied customers and growing your mobile repair shop. For the simple reason, that carelessness often puts one in a dangerous spot.

For what reasons is it crucial to run through the pre-repair device checklist?

Simply said, you should always be aware of the device’s state before attempting any repairs. It aids in determining if the problem was already present or if your actions triggered it. And now you must take responsibility for it.

A few of the many benefits of having a pre-repair device checklist are listed below.

Gives a chance to upsell

Customers can only be upsold when they bring in their broken equipment for servicing. And when they return to retrieve it.

On the other hand, most repair services shop owners state that closing a deal during the pre-repair device checklist phase is their most profitable. Ideally, a full check of the gadget is performed each time a consumer enters the store.

In this way, you may educate them on options they may not have considered.

For example, a consumer comes in with a completely non-functional cellphone. Selling a new device in exchange for a used one is an example of an upsell. Customer service is improved because they don’t have to wait for the item to be mended, and your bottom line benefits.

Helps you avoid negative reviews

A customer walks in to have his broken phone screen fixed. You do a scan per standard operating procedure, but there is no pre-repair inspection checklist.

Since there is no universal pre-repair checklist, you might overlook that the scan revealed an issue with the microphone. You just fix it like normal. The customer returns to find that his phone’s microphone is broken, and you take the rap for it.

Get a pre-repair device checklist to avoid an angry, disgruntled customer or a chargeback issue. You and the client will learn about the problems that exist and the steps that must be taken to fix them. Maintaining reliability in keeping promises is crucial to providing excellent service to customers.

Results in repair accuracy

Identifying the true state of the equipment is possible through initial inspection. Remember that this must be done in the customer’s presence at all times. By doing so, you may keep differences to a minimum and give the consumer a complete picture of the device’s status.

In addition, you should work to shorten the duration of the maintenance. The problems with the device can be quickly identified and tracked down by running a pre-diagnostic service in your repair shop’s diagnostics software. This will result in time savings for you.

Build customer relations

In the three to five minutes it takes to run through the pre-checklist, you can strike up a conversation with the customer and learn more about their needs.

The consumer will tell you about the phone speaker breaking. Listen up. It’s possible to foster understanding and connection through active listening and sympathetic thinking.

Don’t waste this golden chance to gain insight into your requirements and provide exceptional client service by failing to put yourself in their shoes.

Helps in keeping records

Accountability is the fundamental goal of the pre-repair device condition checklist. You may easily evaluate the success of a repair by comparing the device’s condition before and after it was fixed.

It’s an internal process, but it helps anyway. Because the person making the repair appointment might not be the one actually doing the work, it’s useful to keep thorough notes on the gadget.

In addition, documenting the problems encountered may help your staff if similar fixes become necessary in the future.


In conclusion, a pre-and post-repair device checklist for your mobile repair shop can assist in eliminating unnecessary delays, enhancing your SOPs, and decreasing repair cycle time. You can strengthen relationships with customers and coordinate repair efforts more effectively.

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