MacBook Air Battery Draining While Plugged In, Fix Without Visiting Mobile Repair Shop

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Are you facing the issue of the Macbook air battery draining while plugged in? Don’t worry, and we have got your back. This article will discuss the most common causes behind Macbook Air battery draining, especially when it’s on charge. Moreover, we will also mention some of the easiest solutions to help you eliminate these issues. Try fixing these problems at home or visit a mobile repair shop for further help. At CellPros Fresno, you can get all kinds of mobile repair services to ensure the smooth performance of your phone. Moreover, we have years of experience in phone problems in different models and brands. So call our customer center and let them know your issues to get them resolved timely.

MacBook Air Battery Draining While Plugged In, Fix Without A Mobile Repair Shop 

You can still fix your MacBook Air battery-draining problems without visiting a mobile repair shop. For this, take the help of the most common battery drainage problems and their solutions mentioned below.


The most common reason behind fast Macbook battery draining is its overuse. This can be due to changes in the usage pattern, an increase in the work output, and the installation of any new heavy app. Moreover, using multiple apps at a time and background running apps are also important causes behind fast battery drainage. For this, you should observe the battery use of different apps installed on your MacBook. Click on the battery icon at the top right corner of your screen to see which apps use the most power. You can then look for battery-friendly alternatives to these apps. Also, another great solution is to remove background running apps to maintain better battery levels. Visit our repair services page for further help.

Wrong Settings

Another possible cause that might lead to fast battery drainage is using your Macbook on the wrong settings. Improper settings can affect the energy usage of the system. Try changing the settings for maintaining long battery usage. Whenever your Bluetooth is not in use, make sure to turn it on. Keep screen brightness low all the time. Keep it at moderate levels for better battery performance. If your keyboard has a backlighting feature, it is better to keep it off in the daytime and turn it on in the dark only. You can also turn on the energy saver feature from your settings to save battery. Seek help from computer repair and services for more options. 

MacBook Does Not Charge Properly

Battery drainage is also common when your Macbook is not charging properly. It might go into extended storage with no battery or full battery. This will ultimately make the battery suffer the results. For this, it is better to charge your battery up to 50% before keeping your MacBook aside for a few days. If you don’t plan to use your Macbook for several months, make sure you charge it up to 50% after every six months to ensure that you keep its capacity. You can also read the storage instructions from the user manual for best storage practices. Also, get expert tips to resolve  MacBook keyboard issue

Malfunctioning Adapter

Remember that a fast battery-draining issue is only sometimes due to a problem with your MacBook. It can also be because of issues with your charging adapter. If your charger is blocked with dirt, it will affect the charging efficiency. Moreover, cracked and damaged cables also disturb the charging process. As a result, you must keep your MacBook on charge for several hours. In the end, you only see a slight increase in the battery level, which is unreliable and falls very quickly. To avoid this issue, you can take the help of these suggestions. Change the wall outlet where you plug in your charger. Always prefer purchasing charging wires with fraying insulation and splitting wiring to replace your chargers. Visit a cell phone repair store in Fresno to repair your chargers.

Poor Battery Condition

Another main cause of fast battery drainage is poor battery condition. As a result, you will get a notification on your screen that you should replace your battery or replace it soon. This is because your battery has lived its maximum life. Another cause might be physical damage to your MacBook’s battery if you accidentally drop it. The best solution, in this case, is to go to a smartphone and tablet repair shop and get a high-quality international standard battery for your MacBook. 


These were some of the most common problems MacBook Air users often face when it comes to battery performance. These issues are most visible when charging your Macbook. But by following the solutions given under each problem, you can avoid these issues without visiting a mobile repair shop. Or, for professional repair services, you can also contact Cell Pros Fresno to help you get rid of the problems. We provide repair services to ensure your phone’s reliability, performance, and durability.