Tips To Fix Your Phone Speakers By Mobile Repair Shop Experts in Fresno

Tips To Fix Your Phone speakers

Although phone speakers are made sturdy, according to Mobile Repair Shop experts, they still cannot stand against the debris or dirt they’re exposed to. A software bug or glitch can also cause the sound to be muffled, and in severe cases, the speakers might stop working altogether. 

You must update your phone’s software to the latest version, as manufacturers introduce software to fix any bugs and errors that may be causing issues in the previous version. Therefore by installing the latest update, your phone’s performance increases. Here we have explained the importance of software updates. You must go through it to understand why you must keep your phone updated to the latest version.

If our phone speakers do not function properly, we not only face issues hearing calls but will not even be able to enjoy listening to music, watching videos or clips, or making video calls. Therefore, in order to communicate effectively, the proper working of speakers is a must.  But don’t panic! These easy fixes suggested by repair services experts in electronics repair in Fresno will help you make your speakers work smoothly again!

Easy-to-do Tips For Speakers That Won’t Work By Mobile Repair Shop Experts

Reboot Your Phone

If your speakers have suddenly stopped working properly, there is a chance that there might be some minor fault, equal to the phone getting hung. In such a scenario, it is recommended to restart your phone as it may enable the speakers to start functioning normally again.

Check The Output Of Headphones

Sometimes, when you unplug the headphones from your device, the device keeps working in the headphones mode. That is because the device cannot process the event that took place, and despite the headphones being removed, it keeps on working in the headphones’ mode.

If such a thing happens, simply rebooting your device might be able to solve the issue. Alternatively, there are apps like Disable My Headphones, which can help you manually disable the headphone mode from the device.

Examine The Sound

This is kind of obvious but worth mentioning. Sometimes, the speakers work perfectly fine. It’s just the volume is low. You may try turning up the volume and see if you can hear the voice clearly now. 

Speaker Settings

You must check the speakers’ settings on your phone before taking it to a cell phone repair store in Fresno. That is because someone or you have mistakenly set the speakers’ volume low by default. Checking the speaker’s settings helps ensure everything is alright, and if there is some internal issue in the speakers or any other internal component or software preventing the speakers from working properly. 

If there is water insertion, let the speakers dry

Did you accidentally drop water or any other form of liquid on your phone, and now the speakers are causing issues? If this is the case, mobile repair shop experts recommend that you let the speakers dry first. 

You may even try cleaning the phone with a soft dry cloth and blowing air on it, but you must first ensure that your phone is switched off. However, in case of water damage to the phone, it is highly recommended to take your phone immediately to a phone repair store, as time is key in the case of water-damaged phones. The technicians will be able to inspect, diagnose, and fix the issue more effectively as you can cause more damage to the delicate internal components of the phone while trying to fix it.

Check for App Glitches

Frequently, this issue occurs when you install an unsuitable app on the phone. If your speakers are not working properly after you have recently downloaded an app, it might be because of the app glitch. In such a case, it is recommended to uninstall that app for your phone and check if the speakers have started working normally again or not.

Mobile repair shop experts suggest these tips help you get your speakers working again. However, even after trying all the methods mentioned above, your phone speakers are not working properly. You must bring it to us at Cell Pros Fresno. Our team of expert technicians will be able to inspect, diagnose and fix your phone speakers instantly. 

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