How to iPhone 15 Fix the Overheating Issues

How to iPhone 15 Fix the Overheating Issues

Apple has just introduced a new model of the phone: iPhone15. The latest iPhone is facing criticism on the internet because it tends to overheat. If you have just bought the iPhone 15 and want to avoid these types of iPhone damage, this article is here to help you. We have curated several tips and suggestions for your new phone heating issue.

Some tips and suggestions by our expert at the Cell Phone repair store are provided in this guide. If you want your iPhone not to overheat, you can update iOS, close all the unused apps, and avoid direct sunlight; you can also reduce the screen brightness. You can also fix your iPhone 15 overheating problem by limiting gaming and any intensive tasks. There could be so many ways causing the iPhone to overheat, like battery issues, heavy usage, and hardware issues, which are one of them.

How to Fix iPhone 15 Overheating Problems

Here’s what you can do to fix your iPhone 15’s overheating issues.

  • Update iOS: Ensure your device is running the latest iOS version, as Apple often releases updates that can include performance and thermal management improvements.
  • Close Unused Apps: Running too many apps simultaneously can cause your device to overheat. Close unused apps running in the background.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can raise the temperature of your phone quickly. Keep your phone in the shade or cooler areas.
  • Reduce Screen Brightness: High screen brightness can generate heat. Adjust it to a comfortable level, especially when indoors.
  • Turn Off Background App Refresh: Disable background refresh for apps that don’t need it in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Limit Gaming and Intensive Tasks: Graphics-intensive games and apps can push your device hard. Use them sparingly to prevent overheating.
  • Remove Heavy Cases: Bulky or insulating phone cases can trap heat. Consider using a slimmer case or removing it temporarily.
  • Disable Location Services: Certain apps continuously use GPS and can contribute to overheating. You can restrict location services in Settings.
  • Reset Settings: If overheating persists, you can reset all settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings). This won’t erase your data but will reset your device’s settings to default.
  • Check Battery Health: If your battery is significantly degraded, it might contribute to overheating. You can check battery health in Settings > Battery > Battery Health.
  • Contact Apple Support: If your iPhone continues to overheat and there’s no apparent reason, it may be a hardware issue. Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for assistance.

If you are still dealing with overheating problems, don’t sweat it. Download the Apple Support app and report the issue. You can chat with a support representative or set up an appointment to have your device checked by an Apple technician.

And if you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max without any overheating hiccups, remember that it is a smart idea to limit your use of super-fast charging (over 20W) to maintain your phone’s long-term battery health.

Rest assured, Apple’s got your back, ensuring you have a cool and trouble-free experience with your iPhone.

What Causes The iPhone 15 To Overheat?

Heavy Usage

Playing intense games or having lots of apps open at the same time can make your device’s brain (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU) work hard, and this might make your device get too hot.

Background Processes

The overuse of the apps in the background can process updates running in the background, and that may cause the CPU to work continuously, which will generate heat.

Software Bugs

If you find software glitches or bugs in the operating system or you are using an app, that can also cause excessive CPU usage, which will make your phone overheat. 

Environmental Factors

If your device is exposed to high ambient temperatures, direct sunlight, or using the device in a hot environment, then it can contribute to overheating.

Battery Issues

A faulty or aging battery may generate excess heat. Additionally, issues with the battery’s temperature sensors can cause overheating. To reduce your iPhone from overheating fix battery problems.


This mistake is the most repetitive one; charging the device with a non-genuine or damaged charger leads to overcharging and overheating.

Physical Obstructions

Blocking the device’s cooling system, such as covering the vents or using it on soft surfaces that obstruct airflow, can cause overheating.

Malware or Background Apps 

If the device is attached to any malicious software or unwanted background apps, that can consume CPU resources and that can lead to overheating.

Hardware Problems

Hardware components like the CPU, GPU, or battery may have manufacturing defects or become damaged, leading to overheating.

Incompatible Accessories

If you are using third-party accessories, like chargers or cases, that are not designed for the specific iPhone model can cause compatibility issues and overheating.


Q1: What are the overheating issues that iPhone 15 users are facing?

Apple recently launched the iPhone 15 series at its yearly event, but there are issues. People are having problems with their phones getting too hot and shutting down unexpectedly, and there are also reports of screen issues like “screen burning” popping up online.

Q2: Is your iPhone overheating?

Apple acknowledged that the new iPhones could get warm due to app issues, iOS bugs, and initial setup processes that generate extra heat.

Q3: What are the steps that Apple is taking to track the overheating issues?

A software update was sent to fix the issue, causing iPhones to run warmer than expected. It includes bug fixes and security updates.

Q4: What are the issues with the iPhone 15?

People recently dealt with overheating and unexpected shutdown issues in its latest series of iPhones, likely caused by a bug in the iOS 17 update.


The iPhone 15 series from Apple had some heat, app, and shutdown problems, but Apple quickly responded with software updates. They’re committed to improving the user experience, enhancing heat management, and working closely with app developers. Despite these challenges, Apple is unwavering in its commitment to providing high-quality products and iPhone repair services. But there are some measures that we can take to keep your iPhone 15 safe from overheating.